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We proudly present the following services in our office:

Have you wondered, if Chiropractic can help you? We are looking forward to answer your questions during an office visit.

Physical Examination
To find out more about your condition or injury, we perform physical examination, which may include Chiropractic Spinal Exam, Orthopedic or Neurological Tests.

Skeletal X-rays, MRI, CAT-Scan or Lab
When clinically indicated, we refer the patient to the Nay Area imaging centers that provide X-ray, MRI, CT-Scan or Laboratory examination.

Chiropractic Care
For your comfort we provide a variety of adjusting techniques (aligning vertebra methods):High Velocity, Low Force or Gentle and Non-force Chiropractic Methods:
Palmer, Diversified, Gonstead, Toggle, Thompson, Activator, Biophysics,
Cranial, and Cranialsacral, Logan Basic or Manual Therapy.

Physiotherapy is applied to address muscles and other soft tissues attached to bones: Heat/Cold therapy, Ultrasound, Electrical Muscle Stim, Interfrential, Combo therapy, TENS, Traction, Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Massage ...

Exercise & Ergonomics
Home or office exercise programs can stretch or strengthen your muscle to provide further support during or after the chiropractic care. Ergonomic advice (correct chair and desk settings) can help to prevent an injury, re-injury or an increase in the pain.

Foot Support or Custom Orthotics
Feet play a significant role in body balance.  We can scan your feet as you stand to evaluate the weight bearing digital images of your feet for imbalance, pronation (Flat Feet) or supination or asymmetrical weight bearing pattern.  The images can be accessed by an orthotic lab to make a pair of custom made orthotics.  There are many different kinds of foot supports to address a variety of people’s need. Orthotics for dress shoes are the most common among the ladies.  Most men prefer the work wear for orthotics. 

If chiropractic can not help your condition or when clinically indicated, we refer you to other specialists for further evaluation or treatment.


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