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          Dr. Elizabeth Youngerman, DC

Elizabeth Youngerman, BA, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic

University of California, Davis
University of California, Santa Cruz
Palmer College of Chiropractic West

Palmer Alumni Advantage 

Continuous Post Graduate Professional Seminars

Chiropractic Experience:
Since 1992

Professional Membership:
American Chiropractic Association
California Chiropractic Association

Chiropractic Techniques:

      High Velocity Chiropractic Techniques:
     Palmer / Diversified

     Low Force Chiropractic Techniques:



Dr. Elizabeth Youngerman, D.C., approaches each patient with an interest in the complaints as well as in the circumstances which may be contributing to a condition, such as ergonomics, work or child care activities, recreational activities, nutritional considerations, and stress management. 

She emphasizes holistic health care when clinically indicated. Besides chiropractic, her special interest is the nutrition and vitamins to support the body’s special needs.

Dr. Youngerman is a participating provider for many HMO and PPO health insurance programs.

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